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The science behind sk8 profiles

An athletes center of gravity is determined by the blade to ice contact surfaces, known as blade profile. A blade profile is the shape of the entire blade end-to-end. Profiling is the matching of skate blades to each other and to the each individual athlete.  

What is profiling and When do I profile ?

Profiling involves changing the shape of your sk8 steel/ blade to help an athlete maximize their sk8ting potential. It allows us to add more or less blade on the on the ice, adjust the rocker & your balance point. We at Sk8 Lab recommend having your steel profiled edit least twice per year – or on on-demand if you’ve had a bad sharpening, new steel, blade damage or have recently picked up a new (or used) pair of skates.  

The difference and benefits of each hollow

No hollow is better then any other, they each have their own pros and cons. Sk8 Tech’s can help you find the best hollow for your specific needs.

What is a hollow & which hollow is best for me?

The hollow is a measurement that refers to the radius of the circle that is sharpened into the blade (hockey, figure or goalie skates). Our standard hollow is 5/8″. However, we have the ability to customize your hollow to suit your needs. The smaller the radius the deeper/ more aggressive the hollow.

Expert Advice

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